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Fully automated production cell from a single source

Simlim | Vollautomatische Produktionszelle aus einer Hand
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SERVOMIX X200, LSR mold, Automation

The company

SIMLIM is a provider of innovation, development and production solutions for silicone medical devices. Thanks to Nexus, they now produce in a complete turnkey, compact solution.


Initial situation & challenges

Nexus received a request from Simlim for the production of an LSR membrane, manufactured in a 2-component injection molding process. There were already several feasibility ideas, but there were varying adhesion problems between thermoplastic and LSR. The chemical bonding system used by the customer was problematic to process, so Nexus integrated in a plasma treatment process instead. This significantly reduced component manufacturing costs, and substantially improved component quality. In addition, the operating and maintenance costs of the system were reduced tremendously.


The overmolding and demolding of thermoplastic inserts is monitored with part detection. The deformation of finished overmolded parts after placement is prevented by positioning them correctly on trays during the tempering process.

Smart all-in-one solution from a single source

Smart all-in-one solution from a single source

Nexus implemented a compact turn key solution in close cooperation with the customer to ensure that it could be integrated into the existing production environment. This involved full integration of the Engel injection molding machine and connecting the machine to a turn key robotic cell with 2 Fanuc robots and an automatic part feeder. A plasma treatment and tray manipulation system were also integrated into the overall system. Thanks to Nexus' project management and experience, the project was implemented with minimum effort and risk for Simlim.

Nexus is the right partner for complex 2K turnkey solutions that need to be coordinated and integrated as simply as possible.
Patrick Malfent
Area Sales Manager Nexus
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Linking Turn Key

Turn-Key solutions from a single source.