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Molds, colddecks, and turnkey systems for LSR, HCR , and rubber.


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Nexus molds

Rediscover elastomer mold solutions with Nexus Molds. Our modular design, complemented by the specialized control system Timeshot and Flowset, stands for precision and cost-effectiveness at the highest level.


Elastomer molds for every challenge.

Colddecks & base molds

Versatility and precision - all in a single colddeck.

Our standardized design allows numerous applications on a single colddeck, setting new standards in efficiency and flexibility.


Competitive turnkey solutions.

Takeover of project responsibility.

Reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership.

Nexus expertise for maximum productivity.

Our strengths
at a glance.


More than just sales – a true partnership.

Years of experience

Proven expertise and years of expertise.

Cost efficiency

Short payback period, fast ROI.


Highest accuracy for less waste.

Global support

Always present, always there for you.

Technological advantage

Innovation at the forefront.

New at Nexus Molds

100% flexibility with modular molds.

Discover a whole new world of production efficiency. Our modular molds seamlessly adapt to your needs and offer unmatched flexibility in elastomer production.



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Competitive Advantage through Flexibility
Face any production challenge and overtake the competition with the shortest time-to-market.
Standardized design
Fast, efficient, and always fitting: Benefit from standardized sizes that allow a quick change between different applications.
Maximum cost savings
Invest in just one base mold that can be adapted for numerous projects. This significantly reduces your mold costs in the long run.
Minimized setup times, maximized output
The easy change of the inserts in our modular systems saves valuable setup time and increases the total output.

Top performance in every industry

Top performance in every industry
Membrane, seals, caps, masks, implants, valves, slit components, etc.
Top performance in every industry
Seals, connector joints, fuel cells, light conductors, protective hoses, membranes, filter seals, bellows, etc.
Top performance in every industry
Pacifiers, lemon squeezers, kitchen accessories, vacuum pumps, shower heads, mobile phone seals, valves, etc.
Top performance in every industry
Seals, plug connections, 2K connections, special solutions (2-component, 3-component), etc.

Trade Fairs & Events


LSR Conference

09. - 12. Sep, 2024
USA, Minneapolis


15. - 19. Oct, 2024
Germany, Friedrichshafen

MD&M Minneapolis

16. - 17. Oct, 2024
USA, Minneapolis


11. - 14. Nov, 2024
Germany, Düsseldorf

Silicone Elastomers World Summit

27. - 29. Nov, 2024
Netherlands, Amsterdam

With Nexus, you don't just get products, you get complete solutions.

Clarity at a glance - our FAQs.

What is the advantage of Nexus Molds over traditional providers?

Nexus Molds combines decades of know-how with the latest technology to offer you first-class, flexible, and cost-effective mold and turnkey solutions for the elastomer injection molding sector.

How does Nexus Molds ensure the quality of products and services?

Quality is our top priority. We rely on advanced testing methods, high-quality materials, and continuous training of our employees to guarantee the highest standard in every area.

I am new to the elastomer industry – in which areas does Nexus Molds offer support?

In principle, we offer extensive support and solutions in all areas of elastomer injection molding. Our modular mold solutions ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency, ideal for both newcomers and industry experts. If you are looking for a complete solution, our turnkey projects are just right for you. We take over the entire project responsibility, from the initial planning to commissioning. Our expertise in colddeck technologies and our extensive partner network ensure the highest quality and reliability at every step of your project. This way, you can rely on your production running smoothly and efficiently.

Can I obtain Nexus Molds products and services worldwide?

Yes, Nexus Molds supplies customers worldwide. Thanks to our international sales network and strong partnerships, we can make our products and services available to you everywhere.

Which industries does Nexus Molds supply?

Nexus Molds supplies a wide range of customers from various industries. These include the medical sector, automotive industry, consumer goods market, and electronics industry. Our tailor-made solutions are specially developed to meet the unique requirements of each industry.

Does Nexus Molds offer training or workshops?

Yes, we offer training and workshops. Especially with our turnkey solutions, we place great emphasis on training our customers in all areas. Our goal is to ensure smooth production and to ensure that our customers are familiar with Nexus technologies and procedures.

Does Nexus Molds carry out sampling internally?

Yes, at Nexus Molds, all molds are internally sampled and thoroughly tested to ensure the highest quality. Providing sample parts for customer review and approval is a matter of course.

Does Nexus only produce molds for large series?

Our main focus is on molds for large series. This means series from a few hundred to several hundred million pieces. Our solutions range from single cavities to molds with 128 cavities.

How does Nexus guarantee the functionality of its molds and concepts?

To check the functionality of our molds and demolding concepts, we use a standardized double-prototype base mold. The final concept is thoroughly tested in this. Only when both we and the customer are fully convinced do we proceed with the series mold.

What is the lifespan of a Nexus mold?

Nexus molds are made only from the best materials and solutions the market has to offer. Therefore, they are designed for maximum lifespan. Depending on the care during the production process, this can last several decades. Our warranty covers 500,000 cycles or one year from the delivery date.

How are Nexus molds shipped?

The shipping method – whether by truck, ship, or airplane – is usually up to the customer. For us, the priority is that everything is safely and neatly packed so that the delivery arrives undamaged at the customer's location.