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Standardization & Individuality

By specifically combining two or more components, we open up a world of possibilities. Whether it's 2K thermoplastic with elastomer, metal with elastomer, or even 3K for special applications like fuel cells – we offer precise solutions focusing on single and transfer processes.



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2 components

2 component combinations

With 2 component technology, different materials merge into first-class products.


  • Thermoplastic + Elastomer
  • Metal + Elastomer
  • Elastomer + Elastomer
  • Elastomer + other materials

3 components

3 component combinations

With Nexus's 3 component technology, next-generation products are created. Three materials are precisely combined to achieve top results.


  • e.g. fuel cells
End faulty parts production

End faulty parts production

With our innovative control systems, we set new standards in elastomer parts production. Thanks to Timeshot, Flowset & Flowset Electric, we guarantee top-notch precision and efficiency without compromises.


  • Direct injection via valve gate systems
  • Customized control of each individual cavity (worldwide unique)
  • Low burr injection molding products
  • No need for post-processing
  • Low ongoing maintenance costs


Control up to 32 cavities (manually)
  • Control via flow rate
  • Manually controllable (directly on the mold)
  • Separate adjustment of each individual cavity (2 to 32)

Flowset Electric

Control up to 16 cavities (electrically)
  • Control via flow rate (electrically)
  • Electrically controllable (via all browser-capable devices)
  • Separate adjustment of each individual cavity (2 to 16)
  • Flowrate adjustments can be saved on the system


Control up to 128 cavities (electrically)
  • Control via injection time
  • Electrically controllable (via all browser-capable devices)
  • Separate adjustment of each individual cavity (2 to 128)
  • Ideal for small, fine parts and high cavities
  • Flowrate adjustments can be saved on the system

Saves money, guarantees precision: Individual control of each cavity.

<b>Your advantages</b><br /> with Nexus multicomponent molds

Your advantages
with Nexus multicomponent molds

With multicomponent molds, Nexus stands for excellence and efficiency. Benefit from our expertise, our technological leadership, and our commitment to your success. Discover how our customized solutions can advance you in the complex world of multicomponent technology.

Focus on insert and lay-over processes
Precise processes for complex components.
Customized combinations
Beyond standard – individual solutions for every need.
3 component innovation
Set standards with next-generation products.
Technology leader in the nozzle system
Maximum precision, minimal material waste.

Top performance in every industry

Top performance in every industry


Membrane, seals, caps, masks, implants, valves, slit components, etc.
Top performance in every industry


Seals, connector joints, fuel cells, light conductors, protective hoses, membranes, filter seals, bellows, etc.
Top performance in every industry


Pacifiers, lemon squeezers, kitchen accessories, vacuum pumps, shower heads, mobile phone seals, valves, etc.
Top performance in every industry


Seals, plug connections, 2K connections, special solutions (2-component, 3-component), etc.
Automation meets multicomponent molds
Maximum efficiency meets innovation

Automation meets multicomponent molds

Our advanced automation solutions are specifically designed to manage the complexity of multicomponent molds. From precise material feeding, fast cycle times to quality assurance – increase your production capacity with Nexus and automate every step of the process.


We bring technology and expertise together to make your multicomponent project a success.



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Complete solutions in focus
Turnkey meets multicomponent expertise

Complete solutions in focus

Our turnkey solutions offer more than just equipment. When connecting turnkey and multicomponent technology, we provide seamless integration, from planning to execution. You benefit from a combination of industry-leading technology and comprehensive consulting to ensure that your multicomponent project is successful from the start.


With Nexus by your side, you receive a turnkey solution tailored specifically to your requirements.



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50% cycle time reduction

Thanks to the Nexus colddeck solution with FLOWSET‑E, the cycle and cleaning time at Promed Molded Products were halved, thus doubling the production performance.


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