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Fully automated systems

In an increasingly complex and fast-paced production world, automation solutions are not just a luxury but a necessity. Our automation systems ensure increased efficiency, minimized downtimes, and smooth operation, allowing you to focus on what really matters: delivering high-quality products.



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Nexmover standard removal heads

Nexmover standard removal heads


  • Brushing off parts from 2-plate molds.
Nexmover standard removal heads

Push out

  • Pushing out components from Center-plate molds
Nexmover standard removal heads


  • Gripping components depending on individual requirements
Customized End of Arm Tooling
All kinds of EOAT

Customized End of Arm Tooling

For customized process efficiency, we rely on six-axis robots with individually manufactured removal heads. These robots not only allow precise and fast handling but also perfect integration into your production process.


Thanks to this customization, special requirements and processes can be optimally implemented to ensure the best possible quality and productivity.


Saves money, guarantees precision: Individual control of each cavity.

Nexus Turnkey solutions
From idea to reality

Nexus Turnkey solutions

In our turnkey service, we offer much more than perfect molds. We see ourselves as your companion through all stages of elastomer production. Starting from the conceptualization to implementation and ongoing support – we are by your side throughout the entire process.


Thanks to intensive consultation, technological know-how, and continuous support, we ensure a stress-free implementation for you, thus ensuring a successful production start.


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100% modular backside cell

Our modular backside cells represent the pinnacle of fully automated injection molding processes. Equipped with robots, tray stackers, drawers, and laser technology, they ensure a continuous, automated production flow.


The special feature: Thanks to the modular structure, our backside cells are extremely mobile. They can be set up and dismantled in a very short time. Producing in China today and in the USA next week? No problem with our modular backside cells!

Maximum automation with 6-axis robots and 3-axis linear robots (optional) for precise handling and movement.
Efficient supply and removal of components to be overmolded, optimized for insert and lay-over processes.
Drawers for cavity-specific part separation with automated quality control and orderly part storage.
Precise quality control, seamless production batch tracking, and effective component marking.
Turnkey complete solution

Thanks to Nexus's expertise, a fully automatic production cell with 2 six-axis robots, a component feed, and additional features was realized at Simlim.

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