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People at the center, molds in focus.

Our vision

Elastomer molds that set standards, colddecks that are unparalleled in their precision, and turnkey solutions that revolutionize the entire process. However, our greatest strength is the people behind Nexus, who give their best every day. For us, the person is not only at the center – they are the heart of our success.


Why Nexus molds?
Revolutionaries of the industry

Why Nexus molds?

At Nexus molds, we bring together innovation and humanity to set new standards in elastomer injection molding. Our technologies are not only pioneering but also efficient and precise.


What truly sets us apart is our team: dedicated professionals who work every day to find the best solutions for you.

People make the difference
Behind every Nexus innovation is a dedicated team passionately committed to your success. Our experts are our greatest pride and your most valuable partner.
Progress through technology
Our elastomer molds and colddecks are milestones of innovation in elastomer injection molding. Discover how we constantly redefine the boundaries of what's possible.
Success through collaboration
At Nexus, we believe in the power of human connection and collaboration. Our professionals use their knowledge and experience to achieve optimal results for you.
One step ahead with Nexus
Our elastomer solutions are the result of our constant quest for perfection and technological leadership. Trust in technologies that lead you into the future.

Our employee brand x+ stands for more than just work. It symbolizes close cohesion and a culture where every individual counts.

Available everywhere

From Austria to the whole world

As an Austrian company, we are proud to offer our solutions worldwide. Directly from our headquarters in Austria, we deliver reliable products and offer first-class service that our customers around the globe appreciate. With extensive expertise and an unstoppable passion for innovation, we ensure that our customers are always optimally equipped in their production.

Our team

What connects us is the passion and joy of bringing something new to our industry. We are your contacts for all important questions – contact us!


Benjamin Fellinger CEO & Managing Partner +43 720 150 493 103


Markus Reiter Area Sales Manager Europe, Asia & Rest of world +43 720 150 493 407
Patrick Malfent Area Sales Manager USA & China +43 720 150 493 304
Jürgen Lindlbauer Technical Sales Support +43 720 150 493 215

Project Management

Patrick Hadler Project Manager +43 720 150 493 419
Manuel Mayr Project Manager +43 720 150 493 417
Robert Kaiblinger Project Manager +43 720 150 493 311

Technical Experts

Rudi Blumer Head of Mechanical Assembly +43 720 150 493 401
Bernhard Waizenauer Technical Expert +43 720 150 493 101
Christian Pimmingstorfer Technical Expert +43 720 150 493 403


Kerstin Bergeron Human Resources +43 720 150 493 206

Save material, energy, time
and money with Nexus!