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Customized elastomer molds

Our customized elastomer molds are the ideal choice for silicone, HCR, and rubber. Depending on the requirement, we offer a wide variety from single-cavity to 128-cavity molds. Thanks to direct injection with our Nexus valve gate system, we ensure maximum precision and quality. Choose between two-plate, center-plate, slider, and core bar molds.



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Two-plate concept

2-plate mold for standardized mold concepts. Perfect for O-rings, axial seals, etc.

Center-plate concept

3-plate mold for push out & blow out concepts. For example, for frame seals.

Slider concept

Thanks to additional movement against the closing direction within the mold, components with difficult geometry can be easily molded.

Core bar concept

Mold with movable core bars and interchangeable inserts. Used, for example, in pacifiers and connecting hoses.
Save money

Saves money, guarantees precision: Customized control of each individual cavity.

End faulty parts production.
Timeshot & Flowset

End faulty parts production.

With our innovative control systems, we set new standards in elastomer parts production. Thanks to Timeshot, Flowset & Flowset Electric, we guarantee top-notch precision and efficiency without compromises.


  • Direct injection via valve gate systems
  • Customized control of each individual cavity (worldwide unique)
  • Low burr injection molding products
  • No need for post-processing
  • Low ongoing maintenance costs


Control up to 32 cavities (manually)
  • Control via flow rate
  • Manually controllable (directly on the mold)
  • Separate adjustment of each individual cavity (2 to 32)


Flowset Electric

Control up to 16 cavities (electrically)
  • Control via flow rate (electrically)
  • Electrically controllable (via all browser-capable devices)
  • Separate adjustment of each individual cavity (2 to 16)
  • Flowrate adjustments can be saved on the system


Control up to 128 cavities (electrically)
  • Control via injection time
  • Electrically controllable (via all browser-capable devices)
  • Separate adjustment of each individual cavity (2 to 128)
  • Ideal for small, fine parts and high cavities
  • Flowrate adjustments can be saved on the system
The difference is<b> in the detail</b>

The difference is in the detail

In the world of elastomer molds, often the smallest nuances determine the success of a project. At Nexus Molds, we are aware of this fact and place the utmost importance on every detail of our molds.


From the specific design tailored precisely to your needs, through the use of the best materials, to the integration of the latest technologies: We do everything to give you the decisive advantage.

Customized solutions
Every mold is specifically designed and manufactured according to your requirements.
Various mold designs
From the two-plate and center plate concept to the slider or core bar concept.
Elastomer expertise
Specialized in silicone, HCR, and rubber thanks to our experienced team.
Less waste
More good parts due to the regulation of each individual cavity with Timeshot & Flowset, for up to 128 cavities.

Top performance in every industry

Top performance in every industry


Membrane, seals, caps, masks, implants, valves, slit components, etc.
Top performance in every industry


Seals, connector joints, fuel cells, light conductors, protective hoses, membranes, filter seals, bellows, etc.
Top performance in every industry


Pacifiers, lemon squeezers, kitchen accessories, vacuum pumps, shower heads, mobile phone seals, valves, etc.
Top performance in every industry


Seals, plug connections, 2K connections, special solutions (2-component, 3-component), etc.
Automation meets customized molds
24/7 production

Automation meets customized molds

Loading and unloading with automatic systems, gripper heads tailored to the mold, integrated conveyor systems, or inline camera technology for quality assurance: In Nexus handling solutions, our know-how from all areas comes into play.


Standardized modules and coordinated customization result in fully automatic production cells – the perfect solution for your manufacturing.


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From concept to finished product

From concept to finished product

Our turnkey solutions represent far more than top-notch molds. As your reliable partner, we accompany you from the initial idea sketch to the final implementation.


Our expertise is integrated into every phase: from comprehensive consultation and detailed planning to machine configuration tailored to your needs. With Nexus by your side, you're assured of smooth integration and an efficient start to production.



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One-stop-shop solution

Thanks to Nexus's expertise, Simlim was able to implement a fully automatic production cell with 2 six-axis robots, component trays, and additional features.

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